360 Turnkey Project Management

At Intlkomm we provide Turnkey Projects, with 24-7 Support and our Global Team makes sure that our clients sleep well at night, thinking they are in safe hands.

Seamlessly Integrated Multifaceted Project Management

Brilliantly Executed Seamlessly Integrated Multifaceted Project Management, capable of maintaining multiple reporting lines.

Why choose us
Prompt Responsive Support

Prompt Responsive Support to our Valued Clients 24-7. With Support Teams Strategically located around the Globe in our Regional Offices in United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

Highly Versatile

VSAT Operation, LDI Services, FTTH, GIS, Defense Consulting, Oil & Gas Consultation, ios, Android, Game & Software Development, ERP systems, HIRS Systems, Renewable Energy, Steel Fabrication, HVAC Systems, ISPM Systems, Logistics, Container Yard, Construction, General Supplies, Event Management, Farms & Trading.

Catering Small Businesses to Market Giants

At Intlkomm we Cater every Segment of the Market from SMEs to Market Giants. Our Management Believes in Paving the Way for Our Client to Fulfill its Goals and Grow it Exponentially Because with Intlkomm every SME has potential to grow into a Market Giant.

Your Own Company

We Believe in making not “Brand Marks” but “Trust Marks”. Working with Intlkomm is working with your own In-House Team and then some. We go the extra Mile, Take the Extra Step so you do not have to. And in the End we build a Relationship of Trust, You Can Fall On.

About us

Our Story

Intlkomm started by pioneering satellite data provision and other telecom related services in remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan in early 90’s. And it flourished into an integrated and branched out conglomerate into a giant that it is today.

Our Mission

Intlkomm mission is to provide turnkey projects in ergonomic Swiss Watch Precision manner and timely delivery to its client and see its name synonymous with quality and precise delivery of deliverables.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs lies in full interest of the Client and fulfilling their every need going the extra mile for the best outcome of the project at hand.

We aim to deliver projects Diligently and with utmost care and meeting all ISO 90001- 90002 ISO 40001-40002 Standards using recyclable and renewable resources where possible, minimizing our Carbon footprint across all our offices and sites.

Catapulting Your Vision To Reality
We at Intlkomm provide Turnkey Solutions for your Projects Converting those big plans into Reailty.
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What we can do for you

Premium Consulting

VSAT Operation, LDI Services, FTTH, GIS Solutions, Carrier Solutions, Defense Consulting, Oil & Gas Consultation, Solar & Renewable Energy, Steel Fabrication, Logistics, Supply Chain Solutions, Container Yard, Water Way Construction, High Rise Construction.

Software & Media Development

Game Development, Creative Studios,  ios App Development, Android App Development, Web Application Development, HIRS & ERP Software Development, Video Production, Video Editing, Web Series, Vlog and Blog Management, Support for existing software, 24-7 inbound and outbound Call center and developers available for all languages PHP, Python Etc.

Other Services

Precision OEM Supply, General Supplies, Event Management, Cattle Fattening, Agricultural Farming, Fruit Farming, General Trading & Road Construction.

Export Division

Software Export, Commodity Export, Salt Products, Rice, Apparel, Leather goods, Surgical Items, Sports Goods, Salt Lamps, Kosher Salt And Much more, Intlkomm is a very Versatile group with number of subsidiaries working under one roof.

What people say about us

We confirm that Mr. Ahmed is a very useful resource and has highest level of contactsand relationships in both the Armed Forces in Pakistan as well as corporatelevel with CEO/CXO level in Satacom and Telecom operators in Pakistan

VP Asia Pacific Business

Globecomm Systems Inc.

Dov Cydulkin

Ian Lewis

Jessica White

Meet our team

Margot Clarke

Our CEO – A Gold Medalist Economist, with a zest. She’s the visionary behind Intlkomm’s Success in becoming a conglomerate it is and such diversified fields of operation. She makes it all look easy with a vigilant eye on every department and its KPIs like a hawk. We call her our own Henry Ford.

Mr. Khan

Director Operations – Coordinating all Subsidiaries Local and Global and Developing New Businesses is the name of the game for Mr. Khan, Together with CEO they make an unparalell team.

Tema Elliot

IT Director – Shes is the brains behind the Enterprises. She helped Intlkomm in growing exponentially through new IT Tools and implemented such systems in place that our Diversified Global Offices operate as us one unit.

Omar Jamal

Director Marketing Asia Pacific –  at a very young age this individually has worked in global markets and has emerged as the real Gen Z marvel and an inspiration to all who look up to him.

Some of our best clients
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Contact Us

Adress: Office No# 2, Plaza 57, Lane 2, Square Commercial, Phase 7, Bharia Town, Islamabad ,44000, Pakistan.

Telephone: +92 311-554-4506

  Email: info@intlkomm.com

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